Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

A website has become a neccesity and a potent advertising tool that reaches millions of people around the globe. Whether your business is Local, National or Global, and you have a website you can reach your audience even when your doors are closed for the evening, weekend or Holidays. Today, web marketing has become a fundamental part of a company’s marketing strategy because the majority of generation Y utilises the web for day to day needs. Roughly 50% of revenue generated from products and services comes from online transactions. We are talking billions of dollars!

Search Engine Optimization is the art of increasing website organic rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for keyphrases related to your products or service. With expert SEO services, your website will rank better organically and obtain more traffic, more leads and sales!

Articles You Should Read

As in any piece of writing, it is critical to write effectively. In the case of article writing, you want to write effectively for the search engines as well as the readers whose business you want to capture. Your goal is to achieve search engine visibility, and in order to do that, the professional article writer must begin to think like a search engine. The writer must determine what key words the user is searching with in Google, and then incorporate those keywords into the body of the article.

After you have accomplished setting up your website the next important step is producing visitors to it. With out site visitors generation your website might not survive. However, the standard of site visitors you obtain can also be important. Your purpose is focused traffic. This implies having people who are enthusiastic about your services visiting your website. The next are 7 methods to increase targeted visitors.

Many people looking to have a website developed think the only investment they need to make to have a successful website is in the design of the website itself. I wont argue that design is important, but any professional knows that without a long term search engine optimization and website marketing plan that website is never going to gain visibility. When clients pay a lot of money for a website that has no visibility they usually get upset. This is why any business owner should research exactly what they need their website to do and who can help them achieve this.

My name is Michael Rose, I have been a web designer for over 15 years, I specialize in CSS / HTML websites yet I can work within nearly any format. I have extensive Search Engine Optimization experience and a grounded perception of Internet Marketing theory. I follow trends and stay in tune with 'what's next' but I look for sound common sense approaches that will match long term brand marketing objectives.

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